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Publix NEW FEATURE: Make A Plan Monday?

Posted on: 05/08/2010

My awesome reader, Margaret, got me to thinking about posting deals for you all. She stated in her Cascade Giveaway comment that she “loved the Publix deals” and requested that I “keep them”. So here’s what I’ve been thinking (thanks Sarah for allowing me to bounce ideas off of you).

Being that we generally get the Publix Sneak Peek on Mondays. Why not start back posting the “New Week, New Deal” deals as a “Make a Plan” Monday feature where I would list a few things that are on sale that current week and have you all decide which one you would like to work on that week to add to your stockpile. After selecting the item to focus on, I’ll come up with a scenario for you to work.


One of your goals will be to work the deal at least a couple of times that week so that you will have more than one of the items in your stockpile. And, secondly, to order your coupons BEFORE the start of your sale week, whether it be Wednesday or Thursday, so that you can get them back as soon as possible.

::Ordering Coupons

Here are my go to locations for the coupons that I order each week.

The Coupons Clippers
Coupon DeDe
Coupon Clipping Crew
Kuntry Klippers

Be sure to sign up for their newsletter/membership, if applicable, so you’ll know when they have their coupons available for ordering. One of my ultimate favorites is Kuntry Klippers as she has her coupons listed, mostly, by lots of 20 AND she often times have them available to order the day before they are out in the Sunday paper!

For those that do not need that many coupons at once, try the other services listed to order the quantity that will be most economical for your family.

I would love some feedback from everyone on this so that I’ll know if it’s something you want and that I need to start preparing my brain for for this upcoming week.

If you’re in favor of this idea, please leave a comment below and share your thoughts. Also list some of the things that you would like to have in your stockpile that could help with reducing your out of pocket (OOP) expenses overall. Your list will give me an idea of what to look at each week as far as options.

Thanks so much everyone for hanging in there with me. Looking forward to making this a successfully adventure!

Reaping In Abundance,


7 Responses to "Publix NEW FEATURE: Make A Plan Monday?"

Meat, lunch meat and cheese!

[…] right quick, but I needed to share something with you. In preparation for the New Week and upcoming Make A Plan deals, there are a few coupons in which you should go order […]

Hi Kay! I am conflicted….
I think the stockpiling idea is great, and I think you’re an inspiration, but I must admit I have a love/hate feeling towards the deals being printed. Maybe it is crazy but I see your posts and then I try as hard as I can to do a good job at my own finds and all the while keeping my OOP reduced as low as possible. This challenge is hard work but I am thrilled after its said and done. I always try to get idea’s from your reapings but anytime I try to duplicated exact deals(ex: kiwi shoelaces), when I show up at the store the main items are always sold out. Then I find myself unprepared and spending more on a whim or leaving the store empty-handed. Am I looking at this the wrong way? Or is there a way to avoid this? I also am conflicted b/c In my own reapings, it seems the lower my OOP balance is the more resistance I get from the cashiers and managers. Ex: one deal I worked had an OOP of .85 cents. I worked the deal twice on seperate days with no problem and on the last day I tried the deal, the cashiers told me they do not accept Family dollar, or general dollar as competitors….??? Now they did the two days prior but if this is there new policy what can I say? Please do not think I am downing this idea or your site at all, b/c it is on the contrary. I love this site and your coupon talent goes above and beyond any of the other sites I have seen. This new shopping style has changed my entire outlook and budget. My fear is that if all of your readers go into local publix and work the “same deal” for .28 cents OOP say 45 times, one, How will the inventory in the store fare? and two,How long before Publix stops taking the competitors like Rite aid etc?? You have been couponing so much longer than I have, so maybe this is not even an issue. Please tell me if I am looking at this wrong way? Could my fears be possible?? Thanks so much for all you do.

Greetings Shan!

Those are very good concerns! My hope for posting the “Make A Plan” deals each week will be so that others will begin to grasp the concept of using overage and free items to get the higher price items for as low OOP as possible. Please don’t feel that you or any of the other readers have to stick to the deals item for item…each of you are free to alter it to best suit the needs of your families and your budgets for that week.

By putting together these “potential” deals it would cause inventory to run out rather quickly if every one went out doing it over and over again, thus, it is best to view these challenges as more of a guideline as to how you can create a scenario that will provide you with the necessary items to increase your stockpiles, reduce your OOPs, and leaving you feeling accomplished and satisfied.

I truly thank you for bringing this up as I don’t want anyone to feel as if these are requirements or feel as though they’ve failed if a deal is not completed as posted.

In regards to Publix, they have stopped accepting Family Dollars and Dollar General as competitors.

Hope this helps ease some of the conflict. Please let me know if not.

Reaping In Abundance, Kay

Hello Kay,

Thank you so much. You have eased my conflicts in every way. I was worrisome about my last posting and regretted posting it afterwards. Your concept is to Reap and Seed.. It seems I had forgotten the SEED part. and That if it were not for your picture posting, I never would have understood this concept myself. I apologize if I offended you or any other reader with my last post. I am truly sorry. Thank you so much for all you do. You are amazing!

I love this idea, and I am a new-er reader to your blog. I am just starting to order from Kuntry Klippers and other coupon vendors, plus our family is moving next month from Texas (Base/Kroger/Albertsons/CVS shopping) to Seattle (Base/Safeway/Trader Joes/Rite Aid shopping) – Any help you could provide in planning on what coupons to buy based on what is on sale is appreciated!!

I’d like to see deals on diapers & organic/natural foods. I agree with Krista on the meat, lunch meat, and cheese too!

Marie A.

[…] around) seeking out deals for cheese products, among other things, when we were discussing “Make A Plan” scenarios. This is an absolutely GREAT week to work on this, if others are still seeking […]

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