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Make A Plan Monday: Harris Teeter (5/24)

Posted on: 05/25/2010

***I apologize for the lack of posts lately. I have not been feeling too well. My entire body feels absolutely drained due to a flare up from this fibromyalgia. It’s been awhile since I’ve felt this badly, so my body isn’t handling it too well.***


::Publix Sneak Peek: 5/26-6/1 (5/27-6/2)


::Harris Teeter
I wanted to share something with you all. On Saturday, at the Women’s Expo, there were a few attendees that were curious as to whether it was worth taking a trip to Harris Teeter when they offer the Triples and Super Doubles promotion. After reviewing an e-mail from a fellow reader, Margaret, about her trip, I took a visit to the Harris Teeter forum on, as she suggested, and searched for the items that I not only had coupons for, but also needed. It didn’t take too long to put together a list, the only con to it was selecting the top twenty (20). In the end, I decided among 25-30, in the event that some of the items were out of stock, and loaded up the six children…we were on our way to reap our first Harris Teeter harvest…

I wanted to share this receipt with you all to point out some VERY important. As I stated above, I had all six of the children with me on this trip and failed to watch as the coupons were scanning as I was trying to keep an eye on each of them. I paid for my transaction and didn’t look over the receipt until I returned home.

Take a look at the second shot of the receipt…there were two (2) coupons that were scanned that did not receive their full multiplied value resulting in a higher balance due.

We paid:

…but should have paid $0.31. I was still feeling ok with what we had done so I’m not, in the least, feeling cheated or anything. However, I really felt this was a topic worth discussing in efforts to highlight that even the registers make mistakes and if they aren’t caught you will end paying more out of pocket in the end.


3 Responses to "Make A Plan Monday: Harris Teeter (5/24)"

The coupon will only double up to the price of the item. For example, if you bought something that was $2.89 and had a $1.50 coupon, it would show up on the receipt exactly how it appeared on yours (scanned coupon $1.50, multiplied coupon $1.39). Are you sure that’s not what happened? You definitely have to watch though no matter what! This is exactly why I love Harris Teeter cookies and balloons for the kids!!

I only go to Harris Teeter during super doubles or triples and I LOVE it. I’ve gone twice in the last week. Today I got $69 worth for $14. It’s definitely worth it! I got 4 lysol wipes, 2 college inn broth, 3 muir fire roasted diced tomatoes, 2 coffeemate, 2 hunts ketchup, 3 kc masterpiece bbq sauce, 2 skittles lip balm, 2 nestle cookie dough, 1 franks hot sauce, 2 spray and wash and 2 bars of soap that my son needs (the only thing I didn’t have a coupon for). Woo hoo!!

You know Jessica, I didn’t even consider the fact that the coupons were doubling simply to make the item FREE. I guess since I only noticed that it happened to two (2) items instead of maybe four (4) since the Airwick Sprays were on sale for $0.99ea. and the $1/1 coupons for those doubled for a full $1 giving overage. I see I definitely have a little more to learn but I’m still happy with this first trip.

With me being use to bringing home larger transactions, not being limited to the amount of coupons that I can use per transaction AND per like items, and the nearest HT being a little over 20min. away from me, although the trips could be worth it, I would need to make sure that whenever I go that I’m completely satisified with the trips, as I was this time, or I won’t feel as though shopping there was worth the drive.

Awesome transaction, on your part!

Thanks for the feedback!

Reaping In Abundance,

Hmmmm … I can’t explain the 99 cent items. Interesting. I totally agree though. HT is a learning curve. I even had to educate the customer service manager last week. She was telling me that I could only use 2 internet printable coupons per day instead of 2 of ip coupons per like item! While I was in the store, I got on the phone with corporate customer service and they straightened things out for me. 🙂 It always cracks me up when I know a store’s coupon policy better than their employees do. Our closest HT is a new one and I don’t think many people know about it. It’s nice because I’ve heard of some shelves getting pretty bare when super doubles come around. For that reason alone, it might not be worth your 20 minute drive if you go at the end of the sale week.

My husband was active duty AF for 10 years and was medically discharged last year. We get 2 years of commissary benefits from his discharge date. I was about to panic at the price of groceries around here (DC) and then I discovered websites like yours. We’ve lived in some pricey areas (ie Boston & San Diego), but I’ve never seen anything like this! Shopping and getting such great deals lets me know that I don’t need the commissary to survive and we’re actually better off than we were when he was in the AF because of it!! Thanks for what you do!

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