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9/30 Reapings: 5 Stores, Less than $8 OOP, Saved $370+

Posted on: 10/01/2010

I was feeling a bit saddened on today due to several things going on, so in efforts to give myself a kick, I decided to grab a stash of coupons and head on out to a few stores. All of the items pictured below were purchased between 5 stores (2 Publix, 2 Rite-Aid, & Wal-Mart). I left the house with $50 in cash…came back home with over $32 in cash and $10 in UP+ Rewards.

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Publix, Store 1 & 2 (Transaction 1 & 2 &3 Combined)

(24) Mr. Clean Liquid & Spray Cleaners
-BOGO Mr. Clean Liquid Cleaners, 8/29 P&G
-$1/1 Mr. Clean Cleaners, 8/29 P&G

(60) Mahatma Rices
-$0.50/1 Mahatma Rices, 8/29 RP

(10) Maruchan Yakisoba Noodles
-$0.50/1 Maruchan Yakisoba Product, any, 8/29 SS

(11) DayQuil & Nyquil, trial sizes
-$1.50/1 DayQuil, 8/29 P&G
-$1.50/1 NyQuil, 8/29 P&G

(2) Lysol Wipes, 80ct.
-$1/1 Lysol Wipes, Hangtag
-$1/1 Lysol Wipes, Rite-Aid Video Value

(1) Candy Bar
-no coupons

Transaction 1:

Order Total: -$2.28
Sales Tax: $2.09
Food Tax: $0.03
Total OOP: -$0.16 (ALL FREE!)
Your Savings at Publix: $54.91

Transaction 2:

Order Total: -$1.39
Sales Tax: $2.09
Food Tax: $0.03
Total OOP: $0.73 (added a candy bar)
Your Savings at Publix: $54.91

Transaction 3:

Order Total: $0.62
Sales Tax: $1.92
Food Tax: $0.07
Total OOP: $2.61
Your Savings at Publix: $57.44

Rite-Aid 1 & 2: (Transaction 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 Combined)

(10) Tide Liquid Detergent, 50oz. bottles
-$1.50/1 Tide
-$1/1 Tide, P&G Booklet

(4) Gillette Deodorant

(8) Gillette Bodywash
-$2/1 Gillette Bodywash, 9/26 P&G
-FREE Gillette Bodywash wyb Gillette Deodorant, 8/29 P&G

-$1/$10 Skin Care, Rite Aid Wellness Members E-mail

(1) Sara Lee Honey Wheat Bread, Loaf
-no coupon (used as filler)

(2) Candles, 3oz.
-no coupons (used as fillers)

(1) Hershey Candy Bar
-no coupon (used as filler)

(2) Olay Bodywash
-$2/1 Olay Bodywash, P&G Coupon Booklet
-$1/1 Olay Bodywash, P&G Coupon Booklet

-$2/1 Olay Bodywash, Rite-Aid Flu Clip Coupon Booklet

(2) Secret Deodorant
-$1/1 Secret Deodorant, P&G Coupon Booklet, Home-Mailer
-$0.75/1 Secret Deodorant, P&G Coupon Booklet

(2) Secret Bodyspray
-FREE Secret Bodyspray wyb (2) Secret Deodorant, 8/29 P&G
-$0.50/1 Secret, any, 9/26 P&G

(1) Old Spice Deodorant
-$1/1 Old Spice Deodorant, any, P&G Coupon Booklet
(1) Flav Ice Tropical Freezer Pops, 16ct., clearance

Transaction 1:

Subtotal: $0.62
Tax: $2.57
Total OOP: $3.19
Received: 10 UP+ Rewards
Made it: FREE plus a $6.81 MM
Savings: $45.60

Transaction 2:

Subtotal: $0.98
Tax: $3.20
Total OOP: $4.18
Received: 10 UP+ Rewards
Made it: FREE plus $5.81 MM
Savings: $53.93

Transaction 3:

Subtotal: -$0.03
Tax: $2.90
Total OOP: $2.87
Received: 10 UP+ Rewards
Made it: FREE plus $7.13 MM
Savings: $53.74

Transaction 4:

Subtotal: $7.95
Tax: $2.40
Total OOP: $10.35
Received: 10 UP+ Rewards
Made it: $0.35
Savings: $42


(8) Gain Dishwashing Detergent
-$1/1 Gain Dishwashing Liquid, 8/29 P&G

Subtotal: -$0.24
Tax: $0.62
Total OOP: $0.38
Savings: $8

Will use the receipts to submit for the Publix Pink Cookware Mail-in Promotion, P&G Portable Grill Mail-in Promotion, P&G $110 Coupon Booklet, $2 SCR (Purchased (2) Gillette/Old Spice products at Rite-Aid

Began the night with: $50 Cash, $31 UP+ rewards, (7) $5/$25 Rite-Aid Coupons
Received/-ing: $10 UP+ Reward, $2 SCR, Publix Pink Cookware Promotion, $110 P&G Coupon Booklet, P&G Portable Grill Promotion
Remaining Cash: $32 plus a pocket full of change
Combined Savings: $370.19

So what did we do with all of these items?

Hubby and I divided it up into four (4) households, including our own.


11 Responses to "9/30 Reapings: 5 Stores, Less than $8 OOP, Saved $370+"

Now if THAT didn’t give you a “pick me up” I would be suprised 🙂 And, I’m sure the other 3 households that you “sowed” were so, so happy!

You are an inspiration and a blessing.

Ms. Catherine,

I cannot even begin to describe in words how richly we’ve been blessed through giving to others. When all seemed so far fetched for us between yesterday and today, God did some really awesome things in our lives, and for that I am forever grateful.

To show how grateful I am, I am pledging to do even more, to help others. We make it a point to “name” our seeds…and what that means is that we EXPECT a harvest in return.

We needed some great things to occur in our lives before Monday…I would have given my last off all those shelves to make it happen. God delivered in a BIG way, so not only are the other families grateful for their seeds, but we know the true power through giving.

Thank you for the kind words…I give all glory to God!

Reaping In Abundance,

Wow..I have so much to learn! It is so good to hear how you give to other people. I often want to help others out, but either never have the money to do so or the items to give. I need to learn more ways to save so I too can give to others like you do.
You are so bless and you are such a blessing to others.


I still go through days and weeks of feeling as though I’m not doing enough for others. I sit and look at this blog and, on the verge of tears, feel as though I’m not helping you all out as much as I like because I don’t get to post as often now with the hectic schedules we have.

Although I cannot afford to bless others financially, I will try my best, from this day forth, to ensure that everyone who read this blog and comes to the workshop will never go lacking of the items in which they need to provide for their family….seeding to feed, one coupon at a time!

Reaping In Abundance,

would love to see your receipts and coupons used!

I’ll update the post with the coupons used and scan the receipts in.

awesome! awesome! awesome!

kay, i know what you mean, sometimes i feel as though i’m not doing enough either. i’m always looking for ways to bless others. i praise God for giving me seeds (via coupons) to sow into the lives of others.

Ms. Dee,

God knows our hearts and I’m telling you from experience, giving a lot but not from the heart is nothing compared to when you can bless a person, even with a little, but doing it with true meaning of helping someone else, and ungrudgingly AND without strings attached could be the release, not only the other person needs, but what you may need to get you to that next level that God has for you. If He can trust us with the little things, we cannot even conceive the greater things that are in store.

Continue sowing and you’ll always reap a harvest that has no end!

Reaping In Abundance,

I am trying to understand where exactly the coupons brought in such a big discount. For one, my Publix store doesn’t double coupons and only accepts a max of 1 manuf coupon and 1 Publix coupon per item. Is this coupon doubling or combining of 2 manufacturer’s coupons, or something else? Also, for things like the rice, noodles, trial sizes of nyquil and dayquil, did the coupon amount exceed the amount of purchase for the items? I am only a few weeks into using coupons and feel successful when my total is not *too high*, but it seems like you have gotten practically everything for free! Any help you can offer is greatly appreciated.

Hi, Katie! I’m not Kay, but the Publix that we shop at doubles coupons up to and including .50 cents. Also, this Publix allows us overage. The trial size of the nyquil and dayquil is $1.29 and the coupon being used is 1.50 so the .21 overage can go toward other items. This Publix also allows us to “stack” competitor store coupons from Target and Rite Aid. So on one item we can use a MQ and a SQ. Hope this helps.

Great job- I love seeing people’s deals and how they choose to work and use their coupons. You have it down! I also loved seeing that you split it between 4 households, thats so wonderful!

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Kay n Hubby FL
Hello and welcome! I am a military spouse & mom of four boys and two girls, ages 1 to 10, oldest diagnosed with autism. We're located in the Charleston, SC area. My family and my faith are very important to me. Since I've started using coupons I have been able to save more money and become a better steward of my household. I hope to seed into the general public, and our military families, how to spend less and get more.

Get ready to take your grocery & household spending to a whole new level! Couponing is not only a means to seed but an avenue to harvest...both opportunities are endless & a joy to delight in.

I welcome feedback and comments! Thank you again!


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