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Michelle (I Heart Publix) & Shannon (Bargain Buggy) recently posted some valuable information in regards to printing coupons from the Bricks program. I went over this one day with Ms. Carolyn but failed to post it on the board. When I saw the information today I thought it would be a great idea to share it with any of you that have been experiencing the occasional prompts such as “please install coupon printer” when you’ve already completed this task previously. Hope this helps clear up some the confusion.

Reaping In Abundance,

“If you are unable to print a coupon you might try changing the code in the address. Each browser has a set of letters which “tells” the computer to print. It is very simple to change the letters: when you click a PRINT link from this site a new page will open allowing you to print–check the link’s address and if needed make the changes to the letters based on YOUR browser –you should then be able to print the coupon!”

FireFox- FireFox (FF) MUST USE WG OR VG

Internet Explorer (IE) MUST USE WI OR VI

Safari Apple’s browser MUST USE XS

If you try to print after you have confirmed the code is correct it is possible that the coupon has reached it’s print limit. This will only work for Bricks type coupons and does not apply to, SmartSource or RedPlum sites.


While shopping, a couple of days ago, I ran into a cashier that works at one of our local Publix Shopping Centers. She voiced her concerned about individuals attempting to use copied versions of internet printable coupons and wanted me to share with you all the effects in which this practice could, potentially, have on the couponing.

Catrina and I make it a point to state during our workshops, that at NO time is it ever OK to make copies of manufacturer internet printable coupons. Coupons that have a (2) print limit are just that. The only individuals with access to multiples of these coupons are those with multiple computers/laptops or ones that have someone else print them for them, i.e., my neighbors do not have little ones (with the exception of their cats/kittens) so whenever there’s a great baby product printable, I can call them up and request a print.

Copying coupons is not only illegal but it also taints the reputation of other fellow couponers. Stores are less eagered to take printables if a stream of fraudulent coupons continue to come across their desks. Although you may have gotten away with it at some point does not mean that it is OK to continue in this practice.

Therefore, if you do not have enough coupons to complete a deal either posted on this board or another, substitute the item(s) for something else that fits into your family needs in which you have the appropriate coupons and/or request them from a friend and/or family member that has no use for them. Not only will these actions prove to make a successful trip, but your integrity will also keep the stores from discontinuing the acceptance of printable coupons.

Located on the right side bar is a list of some websites in which you can print coupons, such as Redplum, SmartSource, CouponBug, & Legitimate coupons can also be printed directly from some manufacturer’s websites & bricks.

Coupons in which you should be cautious as to whether they are real or not are mostly in PDF form and almost, more than not, state that they are for FREE items or for a high dollar amount of one (1) item. If ever in doubt, take the printable to customer service BEFORE shopping to ask questions.

Reaping In Abundance,

Target Coupon Wording

Food Lion Coupon Wording

The two coupons listed above limits your usage of them to ONE (1) per transaction. Meaning, if you would like to buy multiples of the stated good, you would need to purchase them individually. Publix, although they accept competitor coupons, have stated that they follow the rules specified on the coupon of that competitor. One per transaction at Target and/or Food Lion means the same thing when using that coupon at Publix.

Food Lion Coupon Wording 2

Although this coupon resembles that of the previous two, it contains a couple of words that further restricts over usage: ONE (1) per DAY. Therefore the same rules applies to this as the other two, however, you are instructed to not exceed the daily limit. That does not mean that you cannot purchase multiples of the items. However, it does mean that only one (1) of your items will be given the coupon’s value as a “discount”.

Manufucturer Coupon Wording

When a coupon states “only one coupon per purchase” it is referring to the number of items that can be applied to that coupon receiving the specified “discount”, in this case, the $0.50/1 clorox, you are purchasing on that transaction.

In other words…if you were to purchase two bottles of clorox, that one (1) coupon can not be used to receive $0.50 off each bottle…only ONE coupon per purchase, in other words per bottle.

A purchase does NOT mean the same thing as a transaction! A transaction constitutes as ALL of the items you are buying, collectively. A purchase is each single item that makes up a transaction.

Reaping In Abundance,

As I was shopping the other night, I ran into a new friend, Jennifer, and a new cashier, Sharon. Jennifer, if you’re reading this, I hope you don’t mind me sharing a tad of our conversations & experiences from last night.

For those of you that have attended our workshops or have read the Getting Started guide, I want you to always remember those two, very important, rules of couponing…ALWAYS buy at the lowest cost & STOCKPILING.

I have been in the store a few times and noticed that a LOT of shoppers tend to buy an item because they have coupons for them. In order to reap the best savings, it is wiser to wait until your item goes on sale, UNLESS you absolutely need to purchase it. Jennifer and I recently received a coupon in the mail from Publix for $2/1 Greenworks Laundry Detergent. These are priced at $9.99ea. A few weeks ago they were on sale for $5.99ea. So for me to purchase them during this season would not be cost-effective because I know that it is not at its lowest possible price. Sure you could match it with the $2/1 Greenworks (FLIP) to save a total of $4 bringing your cost down to $5.99, but holding onto these coupons until they are on sale agaon $5.99 or even BOGO would have gotten you one (1) OR two (2) for $1.99, depending on the specifics of the sale. At this point you would want to have multiple sets of these coupons in order to purchase a few. Which brings me to my next point…stockpiling.

Another wonderful way to see your grocery & household budget reduce is through the act of stockpiling. When one stockpiles, they select an item or two to start buying at the lowest price & with coupons for even more savings! At this point you want to make sure that you purchase enough to hold you over until the next sale of this item or one which can be used for the same purchase.

This past week, ALL laundry detergent was on sale, BOGO, for $5.37. I had manufacturer’s coupons for $1/1 and military coupons for $0.50/1 (paid $0.69 per bottle). Needless to say, I grabbed 8 bottles this week to add to my stockpile. Last week, Gain was on sale, I also grabbed a couple bottles of those. Additionally, my FAVORITE fabric softener, Snuggle, was on sale for $3ea., in which case I used a $1/1 manufacturer coupon, along with a military $0.50/1 (paid $1 to $1.50 per bottle…based on who scanned or did not scan the military coupon). I did the Tide Stain Release deal twice and have paid no more than $1.45 for five (5) of the ones priced at $3.99ea. using the deal that I posted HERE. As you can tell, I focused on one area and got plenty of items for the laundry room and didn’t pay close to full price for any of it.

When using coupons, I view them as my money. If I waste them that’s money I’ll never get back, but if I treat them as if it’s money in which I’ve earned from working a long, hard day of work (which is very well true based on the amount of time and effort I put into this art) then I am less likely to simply spend them on items just because I can. I would rather get the most use out of them as possible, which in turns reflects on the amount of money I have to pay out-of-pocket (OOP) and what we have to use for other events or outings with the children.

One other thing…my cashier made a comment that she used to coupon a long time ago but have let it go due to time constraints, etc…

Catrina and I always mention during our workshops that couponing while require dedication and time. I truly believe that something worth getting is going to require some doing on your behalf. I do not believe that I can afford to allow myself to think that I don’t have enough time to coupon. The savings are simply too wonderful, the blessings we have been able to bestow upon others have been…you know it, too wonderful…seeing my pantry and laundry closets stocked, has been too wonderful…feeding my family without worrying about a grocery budget, has been PRICELESS!

Hello Everyone!

Thank you for visiting our site. Please note that we are just getting started, and we are working on posting more detailed information on our page. We are two military spouses located in the Charleston, SC area. We hope to seed into the general public, and our military families, how to spend less and get more.

Please be sure to continue visiting our site as we will be updating it daily. Subscribe to our feed so you can receive emails about upcoming deals, coupons, workshops. If you are interested in hosting a workshop, or attending one, please click on the Seed Sowing Workshops tab for more information.

We welcome feedbacks and comments! Thank you again!

Catrina & Kay

Kay n Hubby FL
Hello and welcome! I am a military spouse & mom of four boys and two girls, ages 1 to 10, oldest diagnosed with autism. We're located in the Charleston, SC area. My family and my faith are very important to me. Since I've started using coupons I have been able to save more money and become a better steward of my household. I hope to seed into the general public, and our military families, how to spend less and get more.

Get ready to take your grocery & household spending to a whole new level! Couponing is not only a means to seed but an avenue to harvest...both opportunities are endless & a joy to delight in.

I welcome feedback and comments! Thank you again!


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