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You can go HERE to print the updated Sav-a-Lot Qs. I’m not sure about the rest of the stores in the area, but Publix, on Trolley Rd. has stated that they are no longer accepted Sav-a-Lot as a competitor. There are manufacturer coupons among the bunch, but again, with it holding the Sav-a-Lot logo on them it’s always best to ask at customer service prior to usage. The store in Goose Creek is very close to a Sav-a-Lot store so you may want to ask there. Unless someone, like Maleca, may already hold that answer for us?


I haven’t posted the Sav-a-Lot coupons solo before, but I thought it may be a good idea being that you could use at least two (2) during this new sales week at Publix.

Here’s what you’ll find:

FREE Pink Reusable Bag wyb 2 Banquet Family Dinners
FREE Pink Reusable Bag wyb 10 Banquet Pot Pies
$2/1 Bertolli Frozen Meals, 24oz, any variety
$1/2 Breyers Ice Cream, 48oz, any variety
$1/2 Hellman’s and/or Best Foods Mayonnaise
$1/1 Kellogg’s or Keebler Products
$1/3 Knorr Rice or Pasta Sides
$2/2 Orville Redenbacher’s 100 Calorie Smart Pop
$1/2 Ragu Pasta Sauce


Reaping In Abundance,

***We will add any additional MFQs, in addition to the Military Qs soon!***

View a copy of the Ad HERE

For those of you that are military families, you’ll be happy to see that we’ve also included commissary coupons that could be stacked with the manufacturer coupon. Our three local Publix (Oakbrook/Dorchester Rd./Knightsville) views the Commissary as a competitor so you are sure to walk away with even greater savings!

Just getting started? Check out the Getting Started Guide

Our sales week are from Wednesday-Tuesday

Here are the Rules:
* You DO NOT have to buy two items to receive the B1G1 price
* Publix (Oakbrook/Dorchester Rd) is no longer stacking their store coupon along with a manufacturer, and a competitor coupon. You will only be allowed to use a maximum of TWO coupons on ONE item, as long one is a manufacturer.
*Per Store Manager (Oakbrook) the penny item is ONE per customer NOT one per transaction. Therefore, if you are doing more than one transaction in a single trip, on Sundays & Mondays, please only grab the penny item once.

Speaking of grabbing, if your Publix views Rite-Aid as a competitor take one of these Rite Aid $5/$25 (exp. 12/19) for a little extra savings!.

(Coupons listed in GREEN are referring to coupons in which military families have access to and CAN use.)


Publix Deli Potato Salad, 16-oz cont., BOGO $2.49

Betty Crocker Supreme Brownie Mix, Assorted Varieties, 19.8 to 22.5-oz box or Dessert Bar Mix, 19.5-oz box, BOGO $2.69
-$.75/2 (printable)
-$1 off Publix Ice Cream wyb 2 BC Supreme Brownie Mix (on select products)

Land O Lakes Spread, Fresh Buttery Taste, 2-ct, 7.5 oz or 15-oz tub, or Pure and Creamy Margarine, 15-oz tub, BOGO $1.89
-$1/2; $.35/1 from 10-18-09 SS
-$0.55/1 (printable)
-$.50/1 from 11-01-09 SS

-$0.20/1 (Tearpad)

Johnsonville Brats or Smoked Sausage, Assorted Varieties, 14 to 16-oz pkg, BOGO $3.99
-$.55/1 Martha Stewart Living, November 2009
-$.55/1 Tearpad

Fresh Express Salad Blends or Greens, Assorted Varieties, 4.5 to 12-oz bag, BOGO $3.99
-$.55/2 from 10-14-09 SS
-$.55/1 (printable)

New York Style Bagel Chips, Assorted Varieties, 6-oz bag, BOGO $2.69

Kraft or Seven Seas Dressing or Good Seasons, Assorted Varieties, 14 or 16-oz bot, (Excluding South Beach Living), BOGO $3.19
-$1/1 Sunset, October & September 2009
-$1.50/1 Tearpad
-$1 off produce wyb 2 Kraft Dressing Tearpad
-$1/2 Traditional Family Recipes with a Twist

Peter Pan Peanut Butter, Creamy or Crunchy, 40-oz jar, BOGO $5.49
-$.50/1 All You, October

Duke’s Smooth & Creamy Mayonnaise or Diet or Whipped Salad Dressing, 32-oz jar, BOGO $3.79
-$.50/1 (on select products)
-$.75/1 Tearpad
-$.55/1 (printable)

Chatham Village Croutons, Assorted Varieties, 5-oz bag, BOGO $1.49

Nestle Toll House Morsels, Semi-Sweet Chocolate: Real, Mini-Real or Chunks; or Butterscotch Flavored, Milk Chocolate, or Premier White, 11 to 12-oz bag, BOGO $2.50
-$.50/1; $1/2 from 11-01-09 RP
-$.50/2 (printable)
-$1/2 All You, June 2009

Barilla Pasta, Selected Varieties, 13.25 to 16-oz box, (Excluding Barilla Plus & Lasagna), BOGO $1.29

General Mills Cereal: Cheerios, Cocoa Puffs, or Trix, 8.9 to 11.8-oz box, or Assorted Chex Cereals, 12.8 to 14-oz box, BOGO $3.49
-$.55/1 Cheerios (printable) & (printable) & (printable)
-$1/3 from 10-04-09 SS & 10-18-09 SS
-$1/2 Cheerios from 11-01-09 SS
-$1/2 Chex (printable) & (printable) & (printable)
-$1/2 various (printable)
-$1/2 Chex from 10-25-09 SS
-$0.50/1 Cheerios, 14oz. (Family Dollar Coupon & Recipe Book)

-$1.50/2 (Tearpad)
-$1/2 (Tearpad)

Kellogg’s Special K Cereal, Assorted Varieties, 11.4 to 14-oz box, or Raisin Bran, 20-oz box, BOGO $3.99
-$1/1 Blueberry Special K (printable)
-$1/1 (printable)
-$1/1 (printable)
-$1/1 Target IP (printable)
-$1/2 Raisin Bran (printable)
-$1/2 Special K (printable)

Betty Crocker Potatoes, Assorted Varieties, 4.6 to 6.6-oz box, BOGO $1.59
-$.40/1 (printable) & (printable) & (printable)
-$.25/1; $1/2 from 10-04-09 SS
-$1/2; $.40/1; $.25/1 from 09-13-09 GM (exp 11/7)

-$0.50/2 (Tearpad)

Ragu Pasta Sauce, Assorted Varieties, 16 to 26.3-oz jar, (Excluding Organic), BOGO $2.19
-$1/2; $1.25/3; $.75/2; $.30/1; $.60/2 from 09-13-09 RP (exp 11/8)
-$1/2 (printable)
-$.35/1 Kroger My Magazine
-$.75/2 All In One Trip Target Booklet (thanks Armelle!)
-$0.50/1 (Food Lion New Healthy Community Booklet)

-$0.50/2 (Italian-American flyer)
$0.50/2 (Oct. ’09 Coupon Connexion)

Campbell’s Select Harvest Soup, Assorted Varieties, 18.6 to 18.8-oz can or 15.3-oz bowl, BOGO $2.39
-$1/4; $.40/2; $.30/2; $.50/2 from 10-04-09 SS
-$.75/1 (on select products)
$1/1 (printable)

Hunt’s Tomatoes, Assorted Varieties, 14.5-oz can, BOGO $1.39
-$.50/2 (printable)
-$1/4; $.45/3 from 10-04-09 SS
-B3G1 Publix Creative Comfort Food Booklet
-$.75/3 All You, October 2009
-$1/3 Hunts Products (printable) (must play the game to get coupon)
-$1.25 off Hunt’s & Pam Cooking Spray from 10-11-09 SS (Publix coupon)
-$1/4 (Smartsource Dispenser)

Orville Redenbacher’s Popping Corn, Assorted Varieties, 6 or 10-pk, 12 to 19.8-oz box, or 30 oz jar, BOGO $4.89
-$1/2 Publix Creative Comfort Food
-Free Soda wyb (2) Orville Redenbacher’s Hourmet Popping Corn Tearpad
-$1/3 (Smartsource Dispenser)
-$3 off wyb (2) 2 liters or 1 12 pack of Fanta, Barq’s or any other coca cola product and 1 Orville Redenbacher’s gourmet microwave popcorn 3 pack or larger Tearpad
-$1.50 off wyb Orville Redenbacher Gourmet Poppping Corn And (1) M&M’s Brand Chocolate Candies Tearpad

Tostito’s Tortilla Chips, Assorted Varieties, 14.5 or 19-oz bag (Excluding Baked!, Light & Natural), BOGO $4.99
-$2 off produce wyb Tostitos and one Jar of Tostitos Salsa or Queso tearpad
-$2 off Tostitos Salsa, 24 oz. jar (excludes Dairy/Queso) wyb (2) bags Tostitos Tortilla Chips Tearpad
-Free Tostitos Dip wyb any 2 Bags of Tostitos (on select products)
-$1/1 (Family Dollar Coupon & Recipe Book)

Wise Potato Chips, Assorted Varieties, 7 to 8-oz bag, BOGO $2.99
$0.50/1 (printable)

Keebler Sandies Shortbread Cookies or Chips Deluxe, Assorted Varieties, 9.5 to 18-oz pkg, BOGO $3.99
-$1/1 (on select products)
-$1 off coffee, (any size,any brand, whole or ground beans) wyb any 2 pkgs Keebler Sandies Cookies tearpad
-$2/2 (on select products)
-$1.50/2 (printable) zip 90210
-$1/2 My Magazine by Kroger, August 2009

-$1/2 Keebler, any (Tearpad)

Pepperidge Farm Whole Grain Bread 15 Grain, Soft Honey Whole Wheat, 100% Whole Wheat, Double Fiber or Oatmeal, 24-oz loaf, BOGO $3.69

Entenmann’s Pop’ems Glazed Donuts, 16-oz box, BOGO $3.99

Nabisco Honey Maid Grahams, Assorted Varieties, 14.1 or 14.4-oz box, BOGO $3.99
-$1/2 Keep the Jingle in your Holidays Booklet
-$1/1 (on select products)
-$1/2 Traditional Family Recipes with a Twist
-$1/2 Nabisco $55 Calendar Booklet
-$1/1 Target (printable)

Kashi All Natural Entrees, Assorted Varieties, 10-oz box, BOGO $3.49
-$3/2 (on select products)
-$1/1 (on select products)

Alexia All Natural Bread, Assorted Varieties, 10.5 to 14-oz pkg, BOGO $3.39
-$1/2 Publix Fresh, Flavorful And Frozen & More (exp 11/7)

Nestle Toll House Refrigerated Cookie Dough, Assorted Varieties, Ultimates or Mini Chocolate Chip or Cookie Mix, 15 or 16.5-oz pkg, BOGO $2.89
-$1/1 from 11-01-09 RP & 10-11-09 SS
-$1/1 Publix FamilyStyle magazine, (manuf. Q) Winter 2009
-$1/1 (printable)
-$1/1 All You, November 2009
-$.55/1 (Smartsource Dispenser)
-$1/1 (on select products)

Nestle Coffee-mate Non-Dairy Creamer, Chilled: Original, Low Fat or Fat Free, 32-oz bot (Excluding Flavors),BOGO $2.19
-$0.50/1, $1/2 from 11-01-09 RP
-$1/1 (printable)
-$1.50/2 (printable)
-$1/2 Nestle School Days Made Simple
-$1/2 from 08-09-09 RP (exp 11/8)
-$1/1 (printable)
-$.50/1 All You, June 2009
-$.55/1 (printable)

Lender’s Bagels, Assorted Varieties, Pre-sliced, 6-ct bag, BOGO $1.79

Whole Fruit Sorbet, Assorted Varieties, 1-Pt ctn, BOGO $2.89

Birds Eye Voila! Meal, Assorted Varieties, 21 to 23-oz bag, BOGO $4.99
-$1/1 Kroger My Magazine, October 2009
-$1/2 Publix Fresh, Flavorful And Frozen & More
-$1.50/2 from 10-11-09 SS

Aunt Jemima Pancakes or French Toast, Assorted Varieties, 12.5 to 14.8-oz box, BOGO $2.69
-$1/2 (printable)
-$1/1; $1/2 from 10-04-09 SS

Rosetta Pasta, Assorted Varieties, 18 to 25-oz bag, BOGO $4.19
-$1/1 from 11-01-09 SS (regional coupon)

Gorton’s Shrimp or Fish Fillets or Sticks, Assorted Varieties, 8 to 17.2-oz pkg, BOGO $7.49
-$1/2 (printable)
-$1/1 Gorton’s Shrimp Item from 11-01-09 SS
-$1/2; $.40/1; $.55/1 from 09-13-09 SS
-$1/1 Shrimp item All You, March 20, 2009
-$.55/1 Publix Fresh, Flavorful And Frozen & More

-$0.50/1 (Tearpad)
$0.35/1 (Family Booklet)

Organic Grape Tomatoes, 1-pt pkg, BOGO $3.99

Muir Glen Pasta Sauce, Fat Free: Tomato Basil, Italian Herb, Garlic or Cabernet Marinara, 25.5-oz jar, BOGO $3.59
-$1/2 (on select products)
-$1/1 (printable)
-$1/1 (printable)

Earth’s Best Organic Baby Food, Assorted Varieties, 4-oz jar, BOGO .99¢
-$1/10 Parenting, November 2009; American Baby, October 2009
-$1/10 (printable)
-$1/10 (Smartsource Dispenser)

Pledge Grab-It Dry Disposable Cloths, Unscented or Orange Citrus Scented, 16-ct pkg, BOGO $3.99 **SC Johnson Rebate Eligible
-$1.50/2 Better Homes & Gardens, October 2009
-$1/1 (printable)

-$0.50/1 Pledge, any Furniture Care product (Tearpad)

L’Oreal Paris Vive Pro Products 1.7 to 13-oz pkg, or L’Oreal Studio Products, 4 to 8.5-oz pkg, or each jar, BOGO $4.99
-$1/1 (printable)

Kraft South Beach Living Crispy Meal Bars, 6 ct box, Assorted Varieties, BOGO $6.99
-$1/1 (printable)

3M Scotch Packaging Tape, High Performance: Clear or Brown, BOGO $3.19
$1/1 (printable) Huge thanks Michelle

Other items to grab:

Lean, Hot or Croissant Pockets, Assorted Varieties, 6.5 to 9-oz box, 6/$10
-$1/4; $.50/4; $.50/3; $1/3; $.75/3 from 10-25-09 SS & 08-23-09 RP
-$1/2 from 09-13-09 RP

-$1/4 (Tearpad)

Colgate Toothpaste, Assorted Varieties, 4, 4.6, or 6-oz pkg, or 360 degree Toothbrush, (Free .75 oz toothpaste on select pkgs), $2.19
-$1/1 CVS Q from 11-01-09 SS
-$.50/1 Target Q from 11-01-09 SS
-$1/2; $.50/1 Kids from 10-25-09 SS
-$1/1 from 10-25-09 SS
-$1/1 Colgate Total Enamel Strength Toothpaste – All You, November 2009
-$1/1 Colgate Total Toothpaste-Any – All You Special Issue-Look and Feel Your Best, September 18,2009
-$1/1 Colgate total toothpaste 4.6 oz+ or 360 manual tooth brush – My Magazine by Kroger, August 2009

–$0.50/1 Colgate Adult/Kids Toothpaste (Tearpad)
–$.75/1 Colgate 360 Manual Toothbrush CVS Q from 11-01-09 SS
-$1/2 Colgate 360 toothbrush from 10-25-09 SS
-$.75/1 Colgate 360 (printable)

-$0.50/1 Colgate Adult/Kids Toothbrush (Tearpad)

Lysol Disinfecting Wipes, Assorted Varieties, 4 in 1, 80-ct canister, $3.99
-$1/2 (printable)
-$1/2 Lysol products (Tearpad)
-$1/2 Lysol wipes (Tearpad)

Tylenol Pain Remedies, Assorted Varieties, 40 or 50-ct box, $3.99
-$1/1 Tylenol Extra Strength Product, Any Excluding Trial Size – 09-13-09 RP
-$1/1 Tylenol (printable)
-$3/1 on Any Adult Tylenol 40ct + – Publix Green Advantage Buy Flyer
-$.50/1 FLIP (printable)
–$2/1 Tylenol Arthritis Pain Product, Any Excluding Trial Size – 05-17-09 RP (if Arthritis is included)
$2/1 Tylenol PM Calendar of Savings (printable)
(Registration Required)

Thanks, as always, to Michelle at I Heart Publix, for seeding into our lives through the usage of the matchups. Please visit her to view the remainder of the ad.

Kay n Hubby FL
Hello and welcome! I am a military spouse & mom of four boys and two girls, ages 1 to 10, oldest diagnosed with autism. We're located in the Charleston, SC area. My family and my faith are very important to me. Since I've started using coupons I have been able to save more money and become a better steward of my household. I hope to seed into the general public, and our military families, how to spend less and get more.

Get ready to take your grocery & household spending to a whole new level! Couponing is not only a means to seed but an avenue to harvest...both opportunities are endless & a joy to delight in.

I welcome feedback and comments! Thank you again!


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